Study for Archangel Uriel | Graphite on paper | 11” x 14” | $1000

Study for Archangel Uriel

Graphite on paper, 11” x 14”, 2000 $1000
This study was the careful prepatory drawing, or cartoon, that is always needed when creating a fresco, as fresco is done alla prima, or in one sitting while the plaster is still wet and fresh. So it is a good idea to have a thorough familiarity with one’s subject matter, to have lovingly traced the sweet lines of the face and to know them, as they say, by heart. Uriel is all heart, and for me a very tender and sensitive being, whose expression communicates understanding as much as it does mystery.

This work is done with simple graphite pencil on vellum paper, with lots of cross hatch work to create deep, rich shadows for the chiaroscuro effect, or contrast of light and dark,to set off the cheekbones and lend depth to the eyes. I really enjoyed creating this sketch and it prepared me for the creation of the final work.

For more information on Uriel himself and the background of this artwork, please see the blog post on Archangel Uriel.

Grace | 16” x 20” | Graphite on paper | $500


Graphite on paper, 16″ x 20″ $500
This simple drawing was influenced by my love of Irish symbolist painter John Duncan as well as a nostalgic fondness for the depiction and style of medieval maidens. Here I sought to express sweetness and strength, harmony, grace, and earnestness. My focus in this piece is on the eyes as windows to the soul – watery, expressive, dreamy, distant, and yearning.

Anatomical Study After Michelangelo | 18” x 24” | Graphite on paper | $300

Anatomical Study After Michelangelo

Graphite on paper, 18″ x 24″ $300

In this study I sought to undertake a deeper understanding of the male physique and musculature, as well as to exhibit the technique of chiaroscuro – the blending of bright lights and deeply shaded areas adjacent to one another. With this study I hope to express the athleticism and beauty of the human form.