Grecian Seaview Mural | Oil and acrylic | 8 ft x 12 ft

Grecian Seaview Mural

Oil and acrylic, 8 ft x 12 ft
Grecian Seaview Mural
This mural was commissioned to decorate the master bathroom wall, which was above a jacuzzi bathtub and adjacent to a large sliding glass door leading to a balcony, with a view of the ocean and the San Francisco skyline. Mural partner Julie Turpin and I matched up the mural horizon with the real horizon visible through the sliding glass doors. As the client’s family frequently traveled to Greece, and lived in Marin County, California, we designed a beautiful seascape theme with Marin depicted on the left, as it might have looked 150 years ago, with a quaint Grecian town scene on the right hand side, where San Francisco would really be.

The stone tiles surrounding the tub were custom matched and extended in a trompe l’oeil effect to create the illusion of a ledge overlooking the bay. The Craftsman style faux marble pillars match the wood pillars actually existing on the family’s home, with beautiful vines of bougainvillia wrapped around them. As you can see, the mural was customized and personalized to reflect the client’s taste and lifestyle, and to harmonize with the family home and natural surroundings.

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