Edith Piaf | 12” x 12” | Pastel| $250

Edith Piaf

Edith Piaf, Pastel on Paper, 12” x 12” $250
This dramatic rendering of the great French chanteuse Edith Piaf is in an expressionist style. I wished to convey Piaf’s emotionality and intensity – her longing, ennui, melancholy, and passion. The pose and the colors reflect the feelings of the subject. The layers of pastel echo the layers of melody and emotion in her music, the warmth and the coolness mingling in a provocative entanglement of instability. Her songs vibrated with intimacy and aloofness; Edith Piaf was an emotional powerhouse that yet seemed fragile and vulnerable. I hope that through this piece, the viewer gets a closer glimpse into the complex psyche of this great lady.

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