Sky Balustrade Mural | Oil and Acrylic | 8’ 6” x 9’

Sky Balustrade Mural

Oil on Canvas, 8′ 6” x 9′, 2002


This mural was commissioned to decorate the foyer ceiling of a large private residence. The client requested a sky with cirrus clouds; the architectural detail and motif was of my mural partner, Julie Turpin, and my invention, and the client was very pleased with the proposed addition of these elements.


We chose to include a “Green Man” – a pagan nature deity that is a common architectural motif on many buildings in northern Europe as well as some skyscrapers in American cities. The Green Man is the consort of the great Mother Goddess of Gaelic traditions such as Wicca and Druidism, and is a protector of nature. He is usually depicted as a wise, masculine face composed of leaves, often in a symmetric, geometric pattern.


The classic balustrade adds an element of fantasy and elegance and enhances the trompe l’oeil effect to increase the illusion of depth to the sky. The (real) glass chandelier in the center of the pyramid-shaped ceiling is imported Murano glass. There are also (not pictured) green Murano glass scones located lower down on the side walls. Both the Green Man and the band of green marble painted around the perimeter of the balustrade were included to highlight and harmonize with this beautiful green glass.

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