Celestial Water Goddess Mural | Fresco | 2.5 ft x 8 ft

Celestial Water Goddess Mural

Fresco, 2.5′ x 8′
This mural took inspiration from Botticelli, Michelangelo, and the work of contemporary artist Michael Parkes. The client requested a mural with the figure inspired by Botticelli, to be clothed in the garments taking their coloration from the Sistine Chapel Ceiling, as they had recently visited Rome and toured the Vatican Museum and the Chapel. They also desired lots of small details and surrealistic elements, so they could keep uncovering and focusing on new aspects of the mural. If you look closely, you will see human and animal faces in the rock surface of the cliff, as well as an hourglass on a spiral staircase leading to an eclipse, in the background.
This mural, done with the classic fresco technique, is located in the master bathroom of a large private residence in Tiburon, California. As such, I emphasized the water element to create a relaxing and dreamy atmosphere.

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