About The Artist

Renee has loved drawing and painting since she was a little girl. Through her work she attempts to connect the natural with the supernatural, and to bring ancient archetypes to a futuristic vision.

Her art presents a window into a mystical place that integrates ancient archetypes, myth, symbol, narrative, and new age idealism. Her favorite medium to use is oil, although she also works in graphite, charcoal, pastel and specializes in the almost lost art of fresco painting using pure pigments on wet lime plaster.

Renee has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art from Sarah Lawrence College and studied art and art history at the University of Florence, the Academia, and Il Bisonte Studio in Florence, Italy. She studied decorative painting at the Day Studio in San Francisco and community muraling at the historic Precita Eyes muraling center in the Mission district of San Francisco.

She enjoys finding opportunities to volunteer her creative skills for the community, such as participating in the Italian Street Painting Festival held in San Rafael, California. She has taught fresco workshops locally including at the Crucible Industrial Arts Center in Oakland. She has worked as a muralist for both residential and commercial projects, some of which are local to Marin and Sonoma counties and visible to the public.

She emphasizes the search for truth in mystery, the expression of the divine feminine, interweaving the ancient with the futuristic, and a reexamination of our world views and symbols. Luscious, ethereal, brave and passionate are just some of the words that have been used to describe her work.